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13th October 2018

How about a different stocking filler?

The Hatter's Mystery Travel bag has always been a popular choice for folk to get a sample of our vast range of Wonderland smells, each one containing five x 10ml (100+ whiffles) random room & fabric sprays chosen from our entire range of over forty flavours.

The Hatter is excited about the upcoming festivities, so for a limited time he is offering three travel bags for only £15, making them just the right price for stocking fillers with a difference. There are no duds in there, they only contain frabulous Wonderland scents:-)

You can find them in the Specials section:
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17th August 2018

Are you ready to Rumble?

At a recent event we had two flavours fighting for first place: Red Velvet Cake and Parma Violets. Which do you think is the best? Maybe neither and another one of our flavours is dear to your heart. To help you make a decision we're offering 12% off everything until 9th September 2018. Just use discount code THEBEST at the checkout.
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12th June 2018

We're Seeing Tripple

They say all good things come in threes, well we took that advice and you can now buy all your favourite Wonderland shot glass candles in sets of three - you can choose to mix and match or all three of the same flavour.
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5th May 2018

Take a bit of Wonderland everywhere with you

Wonderland has so many interesting smells, from the Cinder Toffee Bee Hives, Parma Violet Lake, Red Velvet Mountain, to Knave of Hearts Cherry Bakewell Tarts, so the Hatter has stuffed them into his travel bag.
Grab one (or loads if you travel like J-Lo) and get a random selection of over 40 Wonderland scents!
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18th Feb 2018

Mum's the Word

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page as we have something special coming for a special person.

7th Feb 2018

A Pumpkin in Wonderland

We have an official artist! Gemma Hanson AKA Original Pumpkin has been doing a spiffing job of transforming the Tenniel Alice in Wonderland artwork for us.

Please do check her out at

5th Feb 2018

Lovely Bubbly

Elliot and the Scentopia family love their products. So they thought it might be nice to help you enjoy that love too, this Valentine's Day, by offering a discount on all of our products.

Simply use the code HEART14 at the checkout, and instantly receive 14% discount on your order.

Save Valentine's Day from mediocrity! Offer ends Sunday 11th Feb.

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4th Feb 2018

Oyez, Oyez, Read all about it!

This weekend, we returned to where our comic con adventures began, at OK True Believers in Cheltenham. A lot has changed in the last year but it was great to get the same warm welcome from Stuart and his team.

On another note, our photo was displayed in a Gloucester Live feature.

Most popular product: Lemon Meringue Pie Room & Fabric Sprays

23th November 2017

How about a little Wonderland in Red Dwarf?

The Cat (Danny John Jules) can't resist a good wash, especially with Lemon Meringue Pie, to the point he insisted on his fellow crewmates Rimmer (Chris Barrie) and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) partaking of a little Wonderland too.

20th November 2017

The Snark Hunters at MCM Birmingham

The Snark Hunters were out in force at MCM Birmingham November 2017. The cat joined them for day one, to much interest from the public.

21th October 2017

The Snark Hunters are coming to town

Going to MCM Birmingham in November? We've got something special for the keen-eyed visitor. We have in our employ a group of Snark Hunters looking for their bounty, and if they are lucky they might even bag the dreaded Boojum.

The hunters are quite generous, to the point that they will be offering out some of their Snark Hunter Reward Tokens, which can be reedeemed for oodles of discounts off everything at one of the Scentopia trading posts at the event.

If you see the hunters at the event, say hi, compliment their attires or take a smashing photo and they are bound to be rewarding!

19th October 2017

Stranger things at Doncaster Monster Comic Con

We had a visit from Catherine Dyer of Stranger Things fame; on-screen a ruthless murderous agent, in Wonderland one of the loveliest event guests we have come across. She loved Parma Violets and took some back to the US.

Lastly, a big thank you to David Bidwell (the organiser of Doncanster's Monster Comic Con) he could not have done more to accommodate all of us trading and visiting the event. Thanks, David and can't wait for next year.

Most popular product at Monster: Parma Violets Candles

2nd October 2017

The smell of bounty

Who knew there was a bounty on Scentopia; a couple of Mandalorians caught up with us at Coventry Comic Con after hunting for us across the comic con markets for months.

Fortunately it wasn't the cat's head they were looking for, but Parma Violets Cosplay Spray to freshen up Jabba's Palace a bit.

Freshen up your den of iniquity and armour after a long day of looking for rebel scum:
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Most popular product at Coventy: Parma Violets Room and Fabric Spray


25th September 2017

"It's always tea-time," sighed The Hatter

This summer we had tea in the rain with the Mad Hatter. We asked him to try our new and experiemntal scents and he immediately mixed them all up into his teapot! He gave us his thanks and said they'd be great and convenient as teabags. So the Ingénieur mused for a while ... and The Hatter's Mystery Teabag was born. Not to be drunk you understand, the teabag contains five randomly-selected, extra-petite room & fabric sprays, from a range of over 20 scents. Explore the 'Specials' in our shop.

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Most popular product: Parma Violets, beating Pear Drops by a hair.


27th August 2017

There`s a new cat in town...

"Stars of Time"" in Weston-super-Mare is not your average Comic Con, it's almost on the beach... and next to a fun fair... and feels more like a summer party.

So it was under these unusual conditions that our cat made his first public appearance. Specially made for Scentopia by Heidi of Cowley's Angels Cosplay group, the cat was greeted by the public, eagar to take photos and stroke his fur.

A huge success, he'll be back again next month for Cardiff Comic Con.

Most popular product: Parma Violets Room and Fabric Spray.


1st May 2017

There`s an old cat saying...

..."That's mine! And that's mine! And all that's mine!".

Danny John-Jules aka The Cat from Red Dwarf couldn't keep away from us, our Lemon Meringue Pie scent was like catnip to him. It was wonderful to see him taking the time to walk the floor and interact with the traders, and especially come back to spend time with us on day two. What an awesome guy.

Most popular product: Cherry Bakewell Room and Fabric Spray.


26th March 2017

Alice, Alice Everywhere

Just back from our latest outing to MCM Birmingham Comic Con. With over 50,000 visitors and a large contingent of cosplayers, it was a visual feast for the eyes. Amongst them were several 'Alices'; unfortunately we were rushed off our feet most of the day so only managed to snap a few of them in their natural surroundings behind our set :-D

Most popular item for the weekend: Parma Violets Room & Fabric Spray closely followed by Cherry Bakewell.


11th Feb 2017

MCM Midlands Comic Con - Snow didn't stop play

The early morning snow didn't deter hordes of cosplayers and convention fans at MCM Midlands in Telford, to the point that we hadn't finished setting up before purchases were required!

This was our second foray into comic conventions and today's valuable lesson was:

Set-up the night before ... arriving at 8am on the day was a nightmare, as we queued in the snow to get our trader passes, along with lots of other people. This left us in a bit of kerfuffle, ending up with a very short time to build our display and set out our wares.

Most popular product: Parma Violets Room & Fabric Spray by a clear mile.


5th Feb 2017

Better than OK at True Believers Comic Festival 2017

I say, what an understatement: OK True Believers Comic Festival at Cheltenham Race Course was much more than OK, it was great!

Lady "Gruff" Darklis and The Ingénieur manned the Scentopia exhibit on the balcony with a great view of the entire arena.

Without a doubt, the True Believers staff were exceedingly friendly, helpful and easy to find in their bright orange shirts!

Lots of fantastic cosplayers, some of which we managed to capture for a photographic pose behind our Wonderland exhibit: Go see and like your favourites.

Most popular product: Rhubarb & Custard Shot Glass Candle (they will be available to buy online soon).


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